Mask Bracket


Face Mask Bracket 3D Mask Bracket – Silicone Mask Bracket More Space for Comfortable Breathing Protect Lipstick Washable Reusable

Masks Bracket Protection 3D Mask Bracket can support the inside of the mask, which can effectively expand the breathing space and keep breathing smooth.

Unique Bracket Design Designed for the golden triangle of the mouth, nose and chin, creating more space for breathing. The soft silicone material, washable and reusable.

Powerful Functions This silicone bracket can protect the mask, increase its use frequency, and avoid changing makeup due to wearing a mask. It is especially suitable for people who wear glasses. It can avoid the fogging of the mirror surface due to wearing a mask and affect the sight.

Size Mask Support  About 3.9*3.3*1.6 inch/ 10*8.3*4cm , Suitable for various face masks,reduce the frequency of friction between the mask and face.


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